Religious Extremism

Other internal troubles that haunt Delhi are religious violence and separatist violence.

Of late there are comparatively less cases of religion violence but they are on and off felt among the communities that live in juxtaposition.This is also evident in other cities.But a stray incident anywhere in the country will spark off untold misery to all communities who get caught in the crossfire.

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My Family Lawyer

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There was a tragedy in the family and there was utter quiet for a month for having lost a very enterprising son in the family about to launch his business.But nobody had this premonition of the state of affairs to follow after a month.

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Ogle at clean shaven men at the café shop

So you guys have decided to go to the café shop as always but this time you are up to something.

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China Town Cathedral Road’s Best!!!

I love eating Chinese food and I have been trying a lot of Restaurants in Chennai for a better Chinese joint but they just try but its not worth the month and I went like crazy searching for Chinese restaurants all over Chennai. So this weekend my friend said “you want to taste authentic Chinese food in Chennai then lets go to China Town!!!

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I love each and every item I ordered and severed here. No delay in serving, Best Chinese food I ever had. And when I said I wanted to meet the chef he was kind enough to give me a tour of his kitchen and explained me how neat and clean the food is prepared. He also gave me few tips to made Chinese food at home!!

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Ko review !!!

Here is a director, who has the ability to make a movie on the realistic lines without harming the commercial elements. Yes, KV Anand”s latest film Kohas all the ingredients like thrill, action, romance etc. The story of the film is said to be partially inspired by his own life experience of a photojournalist. Read on for Ko review.

I watched this movie after a year of its release but the movie is so good that I should let my Tamil friends know that this movie is not to be missed if you haven’t yet watched it!!!

The characters are well designed according to the movie script and exceptional acting by Jeeva!!

Please watch and tell me how you found this movie!!

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Barbie World

I used to love this toy and always wanted to carry her along. Now I cant do it literally so just carrying her name at least on the Blog. I have been wanting to open a blog and write about my personnel exp learn more in life by reading more of others exp. So here I am writing my first blog. I like speaking about a loads of things because my friends were asking what genre are you going to write. I said I do not have a genre because I talk and I can write about anything and everything.

So guys wait for this space for exciting post!!

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