Ogle at clean shaven men at the café shop

So you guys have decided to go to the café shop as always but this time you are up to something.

Get the desired look, make your hairstyle more modern and sexy, trim it or add hair extensions.
Dye your hair blonde or black, these are attractive colors, you can also dye your hair a light brown. Straight hair is great! Wear sexy clothing, skinny jeans and high heels. Create a Smokey eye look using black eye liner and using different shades of grey eye shadow. You can use Lip gloss or lipstick if you wish. All set to be a real life vamp!

You meet up; avoid the usual peck on the cheek, hugging him. Behave distant as if you have a lot on your mind. Ask him to place the order, assuming that he chooses to get you your favourite drink just tell him bluntly, “It’s not your favorite any more” startle him and simply stare away.

Make him wonder what you are up to; pretend to text a friend on your phone. Don’t pay attention to anything he has to say, unless it is important. Behave uninterested. Don’t be so anxious to answer every time he prods. When he bugs you about not answering immediately, tell him you are thinking something in a polite way. Men like to be teased and a bit of mystery sure helps.

You see few good looking hunks walk into the cafeteria. The cool ones always grab eyeballs; you can use this to your advantage. Stare at them, ignore your guy and ogle at them. Pretend to eves drop on their conversation even though your man is trying to strike a conversation with you.
You can move yourself and sit in a position where you can have a better look at the men on the other table making your boy friend uncomfortable.

Call a girl friend and discuss the hot looking men and what she has missed. I am sure by now things are really hot at your table. Just drink your coffee, stand up and tell him that you feel he is not giving you enough attention and leave. Don’t look back.

Your boy friend has no idea what just happened. He is definitely going to make that phone call.
When he does ignore the calls, don’t entertain them. Call him the next day and tell him, he does not care about your feelings, if he did he would have got rid of the stubble the very first time you asked him to. Do not say sorry in the end to cool things down. Wait till he shows up at your door all clean shaven. Jackpot!

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with BlogAdda.com

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