My Family Lawyer

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There was a tragedy in the family and there was utter quiet for a month for having lost a very enterprising son in the family about to launch his business.But nobody had this premonition of the state of affairs to follow after a month.

The family was rich and the son expired due to an accident while on a journey .The lady was travelling along with him and their son .But now with the impact of the loss of her husband and the physical disadvantage of her back injury during the accident life ahead looked insurmountable with the burden of carrying the kid in tandem till an age of sufficiency.She was not unduly worried for the finance because  of the healthy financial background of her husband’s family and the huge properties they own.

They were 4 brothers and she was  secured morally and financially albeit with a disadvantage as a widow for she cannot contribute anything directly and sidelined for major decisions.

She was resigned to her fate.

But fate had something worse for her.What happens behind the scenes is mysterious but there are traces of similar happenings all over.When all the cries are covered money matters surface.The widow is looked at as a burden and without a father the son has less prospects of continuing in the tradition of business when grown up and no one to reign him in with authority.

In fact no one wanted to take responsibility of the  fatherless son.And regards the widow it was decided to pack her off soonest for she will eye the properties to suit her disadvantage.It was decided by all to strip her of the inheritance of the family property and purse.Her life was in shambles.They were contemplated moving her out of the premises.

The family lawyer is not of litigant disposition but a sagacious judge in the making who makes the family understand the repercussions if she goes to court and the legal damages for their insincere act.Law will reign them in soon and they will lose their face as law will take its course.They evolved as huma n beings.

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