Religious Extremism

Other internal troubles that haunt Delhi are religious violence and separatist violence.

Of late there are comparatively less cases of religion violence but they are on and off felt among the communities that live in juxtaposition.This is also evident in other cities.But a stray incident anywhere in the country will spark off untold misery to all communities who get caught in the crossfire.

There is no method in that madness.All civilized behaviour ceases and terrorism takes over.Whether it is communal or caste related violence it has always sent shivers down the Delhi spine.You will recall the violence and the backlash after in the case of sikhs.

Delhi is the central theatre for any religious body or a separatist outfit to enact its drama.The citizens have become witness to these diverse tactics and there is no evidence of united India.

Separatism and the related pressures can be from the kashmiri outfits for their autonomy and rights which have been evident for decades though the violence is escalating by the day and the pressure percolated to Delhi.Other states have their share of trouble making at the centre. Imagine how it is possible for the well below existing capacities to police the city.Where can we increase overnight and expand the forces,

The decibel levels are threatening in the city and there is an urgent need to , mitigate the political nuisance .If a politician or a political party whether in the ruling or opposition cannot share and co operate with every member to set right the mistakes of the yesteryears and make a concerted effort the quality of life itself is going to push them out of this chaotic city.

For several people who came all the way from their states it is a point of no return.They have to live here and wait till one breathes his last.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

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